Name: Holly Hannah

Job Title at NVI: Customer Service/Receptionist

Family: My amazing husband Josh Hannah and 2 wonderful children Kole and Dessi Hannah

Pets: 2 cats Sally & Midnight

Hobbies/How do you spend your time? Reading, activities with my kids, cookouts & bonfires,spur of the moment mini vacations with my family

Where were you born? LaGrange, GA

Education (name of school): West Georgia Technical College

What was the most exciting thing that happen to you as a kid?: I am the youngest of 4, everyday was exciting in my house!

What have you done that no one would guess you have done?:

What was your first job? At about 12 I started babysitting and at 15 I folded pizza boxes & cooked hot wings at a local pizza shop.

Why do you work at NVI?: To see the difference in growth with people that come into the program at NVI.