Name: Tina Williamson

Job Title at NVI: Employment Developer

Family: Husband Chris, Our children Josh & Daughter N Law Alana, Brittney, Mack and Miller. We also have four grandsons.

Pets: Dog name Blue, he was little boy blue, now he is Blues Man

Hobbies/how do you spend your spare time? My husband and I are very involved with our fellowship group; enjoy spending time with our family, I like to read, write and paint. Camping and fishing is another hobby that we enjoy together.

Where were you born? I was born in Columbus, GA. My family relocated to LaGrange when I was 8 years old on Christmas Eve. My first experience in LaGrange was walking around Lafayette Square on Christmas Eve with my family in 1978.

Education: LaGrange High School

What was the most exciting thing that happened to you as a child? I was elected campaign manager for Ronald Reagan when I was in the 5th grade and he won our school wide election at Berta Weathersbee School.

What have you done that no one would guess you have done? I played the role of Rocking Roll Santa Clause and the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz production at Girls Junior High School Concert Choir. I was also a member of The Granger Entertainers.

What was your first job?> My first job was at Mother’s diner; The Busy Bee Diner when I was 14 years old.

Why do you work at NVI? Working at NVI is another path in my journey of life. I have the opportunity to enjoy working with a team that shares company and personal common values, purpose and “passion” for the citizens of our community with disabilities and other barriers on a daily basis. I also believe that my personal goals are in with line with the mission of NVI which is to provide meaningful employment opportunities for our clients through a comprehensive training program and services that will include personal growth & development that will ultimately lead to more meaningful & fulfilling career opportunity in our community. I believe that our program will also provide our “valued” clients with HOPE, COURAGE & FAITH for a brighter future for themselves and in our community. I am looking forward to building relationships with our partners throughout the community who share in our common goal of building and providing a diverse, self sufficient, productive and long term employment workforce that leaves no person behind due to any difficulties that may otherwise stand in the way of achieving success based on their personal goals and purpose. I bring a wide range of experience in the textile, employment needs and staffing community. I believe my experiences, skills and training lead me to a purpose filled career with a heartfelt passion for helping others and sharing the blessings that I have so freely been given and received through God’s Loving Amazing Grace.