about-new-venturesNew Ventures, Inc. (NVI) is a community-based program that provides work-based training to teach basic work skills needed for success in all career choices.  We believe in the dignity of human life and that performing meaningful work is an essential part of a life lived with purpose.  Preparation for meaningful work is critical to a smooth transition from education to success in work.  The NVI effort began with a single purpose of training youth and adults with disabilities.  Community leaders have identified a need for more basic skills training opportunities for persons with barriers.  NVI has responded to that need and expanded its mission.  Barriers addressed include educational, legal, attitudinal, behavioral, economic, underemployed or unemployed.

NVI is investing resources and working cooperatively with other community agencies to prepare the emerging/existing workforce to meet the needs of existing business and industry.  Previous NVI graduates have been guided to career choices that match their goals and skill set.  They consistently perform above expectation and they have a genuine desire to see the employer compete on a global scale.  Their work attitudes and behaviors are highly valued.  They are pace setters and are most often described as exemplary with a work ethic that improves employee morale and adds bottom-line profits to their employer.

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