New Ventures, Inc., a 501 c (3) organization is planning to apply for a US EPA Brownfield Cleanup Grant to address groundwater contamination at their facility located 150 East Lukken Industrial Drive in LaGrange, Georgia. New Ventures, Inc. hereby solicits written Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) from professional environmental consulting firms interested in contracting with New Ventures, Inc. to assist in preparation of an application for US EPA Brownfield Cleanup grant funds, perform grant management activities, perform site remediation planning and implementation, and related activities associated with brownfield site cleanup. The firm selected will be eligible to negotiate a contract with New Ventures, Inc.
Since no federal brownfield funding has been awarded to New Ventures, Inc. at this time, no minimum order or work is guaranteed. If the selected firm is unsuccessful in negotiating a contract or does not maintain the minimum requirements, New Ventures, Inc. at its discretion, may select the next ranked firm for contract negotiation.

The minimum requirements, which must be satisfied on or before October 2, 2018 and maintained for the duration of a contract with the New Ventures, Inc. for an applicant to be considered, are:

(1) the applicant must include professional engineers or professional geologists licensed by the State of Georgia in good standing that can submit stamped and certified technical reports to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division;

(2) the applicant must submit six (6) copies, signed by an authorized representative of the applicant, of the SOQ on or before the time and date specified below; and

(3) the applicant must not submit a SOQ that exceeds twenty (20) pages (includes every printed page except front and back cover and transmittal letter).

Applicants that do not comply with these minimum requirements and/or do not satisfactorily document in the SOQ that they meet the minimum requirements will not be considered. Selection of the firm, in addition to the minimum requirements, will be based on the following rating criteria:

(1) Successful EPA Brownfield grant application history;

(2) Environmental Remediation experience of key personnel that involved hazardous/toxic substances, pollutants, or contaminants;

(3) EPA Brownfield Grant management experience.

(4) Minimum of three (3) references for similar services that have been provided by your firm and dates of service.

Information for Preparation of Statement of Qualifications may be obtained by contacting Dave Miller at 306 Fort Drive LaGrange, GA. 30240, or via email at or by telephone at 706-882-7723.

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that the SOQs are received by Dave Miller, CEO New Ventures, Inc. 306 Fort Drive LaGrange, GA 30240; phone number-706-882-7723 by the required date and time and assume all risks of delivery.

New Ventures, Inc. must receive six (6) copies of the SOQ on or before 11:00 A.M., October 2, 2018.