Many companies have developed the ability to perform a large number of the functions required to get their product to market. Let’s use an imaginary automobile part manufacturer, “PartCo”, for an an example. PartCo makes oil filters, but they also inspect each part, stamp each part with a label, put each part in a plastic bag with instructions and an O-ring for end use, assemble the boxes for those parts, pack the parts in the boxes, label the boxes, case the boxes, and palletize the cases. At one time, it made sense from a cost-savings standpoint for PartCo to take over all of these functions — but it may not make sense for them to do it today.

Why? Because PartCo’s labor force is more highly skilled than before, and labor costs more per hour than ever before. To maximize the return on its labor cost, PartCo needs to make sure that every employee is functioning at (or near) the top of their skill level in their daily work. Put another way, if PartCo earns money based on employees making as many parts as possible, then it may be more cost effective for PartCo to let the packing and labeling be done by someone else. But how can PartCo make sure these manufacturing-related tasks are completed cost effectively and to exacting quality standards?

Enter New Ventures, Inc. — we may be the solution you have been looking for! We offer cost effective service because we are paid by the piece, not by the hour. That means there will never be a question in your mind as to whether you are getting enough production for what you are paying – you only pay in exact proportion to the value you receive. Our commitment is to participate with you in fully training our workers to your exacting quality standards, and we monitor the quality at every step to make sure you are fully satisfied. We consistently deliver the excellence that is a solid foundation for long term partnerships.

Can you streamline your operation and increase your profits by outsourcing some of your tasks to New Ventures? It’s worth investigating, so contact us today to schedule a free analysis of ways we may be able to help.