The training system at New Ventures, Inc. includes classroom and live task instruction which qualifies our personnel as professional building service technicians. Each technician will have successfully completed a comprehensive and extensive training program before being assigned to your place of business.

Employment skills training programs are based on individual preferences and needs and are designed to strengthen the overall ability of the associate. Training services include:

Drivers Education: Associates learn basic road identification signs and driving regulations while in Driver’s Education. This training leads to the associate taking the test for his/her learner’s license. This training is so effective that over 95% of graduates become licensed.

Forklift Training: Associates learn all rules, regulations and operating techniques for operating a forklift. This training consists of two components: first associates learn safety regulations and basic operation in a classroom setting, then they move up to more advanced operating techniques involving hands-on experience in our warehouse setting.

Job Readiness Training: Successful preparation is the key to getting and maintaining a job. In job readiness training, the associate learns successful ways to look for a job, how to market themselves effectively through their resume, how to properly complete an application, tips on how to be successful in an employment interview, and key skills needed to keep their job once they have secured one.

Work Evaluation: Work Evaluation is a time-limited observation in which and associate works on a minimum of three diverse contracts, to determine specific vocational strengths and needs. Based on findings in Work Evaluation, and associate may be placed directly into employment, or may be referred for additional training.

Work Adjustment: Work Adjustment uses the strengths and needs identified in the Work Evaluation to assist the associate in preparing for employment. Existing strengths are identified and built upon, and goals are set to build any underdeveloped areas into strengths. The Work Adjustment program typically lasts for six months.

Community Adjustment: In Community Adjustment, the associate is trained directly in an industrial or business setting. Training supports are gradually removed, and at the end of the training period, it is anticipated that the sponsoring industry or business will hire the associate.

Extended Employment Training Service: Associates in EETS typically require longer periods of time to develop skills than associates in other programs. EETS is time-limited up to two years, and enables associates to develop work skills at their own pace.

Janitorial Services: Associates who desire to work in the area of building cleaning, office maintenance, property maintenance service or custodial services can get training in Janitorial and Cleaning Services program to develop their skills before being placed in an actual jobsite. Training may take place at NVI’s main facility or at one of our sites in the local community. Our training in Janitorial Services can lead to Basic Janitorial Training Certification from the Cleaning Managing Institute.

Landscape Services: In the Landscape Maintenance Training, the associate learns the basics of landscape care, including operation of high-end commercial mowing equipment.