Founded in 1971, New Ventures, Inc. has been serving Troup County for 50 years! Initially serving as a sheltered workshop for the West Georgia area, we provided work programs and leisure activities for adults with developmental disabilities. In response to community needs, our programs expanded to include work evaluation, work adjustment, sheltered employment, and job placement.

Many years later, the job training program expanded again to serve individuals with other barriers to employment. Other barriers to employment may include, but are not limited to, homelessness, lack of education, lack of work experience, lack of transportation, criminal history, etc. The expansion in services led to the establishment of our mission,

“New Ventures, Inc. is a training company that teaches necessary skills for successful employment.”

New Ventures continues to grow with the community and evolve to meet its changing needs. Today, New Ventures serves each trainee based on his or her situation. We work with our trainees to set personal goals, create plans to achieve their goals, sharpen work skills, find an area of work that they are passionate about, and identify job placement opportunities that will help them reach success.

At New Ventures, we make sure each trainee has an equal opportunity and is trained with the same values and goals in mind.


A brief timeline showcasing our journey, progress and evolution as a company—from 50 years ago to now.


Mr. Bill Crawford, the first President of the Board of Directors, welcomed the citizens of West Georgia to the grand opening of the LaGrange Area Sheltered Workshop.

November, 1971

The LaGrange Area Sheltered Workshop initially served adults with developmental disabilities providing programs of work and leisure activities. In response to community needs the programs and services expanded to include work evaluation, work adjustment, sheltered employment, and job placement.
January, 1975

carf-logo-png-transparent (1)
The LaGrange Area Sheltered Workshop was recognized for the very first time by The Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) after successfully meeting the high standards of performance required by CARF.
January, 1976

Under a partnership with Rubbermaid Specialty Products, Inc. an “Unusual Greenhouse” was constructed behind the LaGrange Area Sheltered Workshop to begin experimenting with hydroponic tomatoes, meaning they are grown without fertilized soil.
January, 1976

After a successful first year in the experimental greenhouse, a second greenhouse structure was built to increase the training program opportunities. Although the structures were similar, the second greenhouse was constructed to better accommodate persons with wheelchairs and other physical disabilities.
January, 1977

Among many changes to occur in the first few years was the changing of the name to New Ventures, Inc., a name more appropriate to the experiences people encountered while participating in the programs.
January, 1978

Partnering with the local Duracell plant, New Ventures began capping 9 Volt batteries and has since taken on many other projects throughout the 27-year partnership with the corporation.
January, 1992

CARF recognized the Board of Directors and Staff of New Ventures for their excellent work by awarding the highest level of accreditation after the June 1992 survey.
June, 1992

New Ventures went through a leadership change and welcomed Dave Miller as the new President and CEO after the retirement of long-time Executive Director, Jim Kelly.
January, 1993

New Ventures began producing soap and floor buffing pads for the State Use Program and packaging first aid kits and first aid kit refills for the Georgia Department of Transportation.
January, 2001


Reestablishing a relationship with Milliken, New Ventures began sewing cove base and surging area rugs for their local floor covering division.

January, 2014

Training Program Expansion

The Training Program at New Ventures expanded to serve persons with barriers to employment, including but not limited to: criminal history, lack of education, lack of work experience, homelessness, lack of transportation, etc.
January, 2016

New Ventures purchased a 181,000 square foot warehouse at 150 Lukken Industrial Drive in LaGrange, Ga. This new space allowed for a large increase in the business solutions capabilities, which resulted in many new training opportunities.
January, 2016

New Ventures celebrated two years of no lost time accidents, highlighting their emphasis on the importance of safety in the workplace.
December, 2016

With increased opportunities in textile sustainability, New Ventures welcomed a new partnership with Interface and started recycling their unused yarn.
January, 2017

After 26 years of dedicated service, Dave Miller retired as the CEO and New Ventures welcomed Mike Wilson into the role after his 8 years of dedicated service on the NVI leadership team.
March, 2019

New Ventures reestablished its partnership with Troup County School System to provide work training and classroom space for Twelve Plus students in the Exceptional Education Program.
September, 2019

LaGrange-Troup County Homeless Coalition
In a supportive partnership with the Troup-LaGrange Homeless Coalition and Action Ministries, New Ventures helped bring a Coordinated Entry program to Troup County. The program is designed to streamline the process for assisting homeless families and individuals.
January, 2020


New Ventures and Calumet Center for Healing and Attachment merged. New Ventures now serves as the parent organization and Calumet Center for Healing and Attachment will operate as a division of New Ventures out of the Thyme Away Campus.

January, 2021

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The Calumet Center for Healing and Attachment was recognized for the first time by CARF and received a 3-year accreditation.

February, 2022